Tara’s Season 6 Horseshoe Necklace

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Are you a steadfast fan of Tara from Sons of Anarchy? This awe-inspiring and exclusive Tara horseshoe necklace features a unique horseshoe pendant that has 11 stones encircling a star. The charm is 1/2″ long x 1/2″ wide on a 20 inch chain. Worn by Tara during season 6, get this replica horseshoe necklace to show off your deep pride for the biker family in Sons of Anarchy! There is only limited quantity for this fashionable and exclusive Tara horseshoe necklace, as we only have 75 pieces available for purchase. So get one now before it runs out of stock. A truly must have item for any Tara fans from the much beloved FX series!

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